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I’ve always served in a part-time capacity in small churches in the Diocese of Northern Indiana and Ohio. Mostly in churches that were contemplating how much longer can we go on…. The parishes I served learned about joy, the joy of worship. They learned that worship could be exciting and change wasn’t something to fear.

In my first parish, a physician who worked in Chicago but came home on the weekends said he loved coming to church on Sundays… he had come for so long out of obligation but now he couldn’t wait for Sunday, he blurted because Church is just fun! And then he looked to me as if to apologize… and asked is it ok to say church is fun!  Absolutely. But I’d use the work joy! That parish grew from 20 on a Sunday to about 60.

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A warm, intimate community

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Little Chapel in the woods, quiet setting, homey feeling.

Kathyrn Eckert


Sunday sermons are recorded

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All are welcome

A beautiful church community, just starting up.
The Reverend Carol Fleming is leading this new church development.

Dee Salmon

St. Thomas Chapel

“Given to the glory of God by The Church of the Holy Spirit, Safety Harbor and in loving memory of Thomas N. Fluharty by the gifts of his friends and family Dedicated June 12, 1988”

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